• Okamoto Kitchen Seasonal Tasting Party

Okamoto Kitchen Seasonal Tasting Party

Join us Friday, Oct 25th from 7-10pm for our first ever Seasonal Tasting Party taking place at Okamoto Kitchen HQ in Van Nuys, CA! Chef Chizuru and her team will be creating some tasty and unique seasonal dishes especially for this event which are far different than our general food truck fare. If you've ever wondered about Chef Chizuru's other culinary creations, here's your chance to come get a taste!

Note: Event location and confirmation will be mailed upon receipt. These are not shippable items and payment is for attendance at the Seasonal Tasting Party located in Van Nuys, CA. Please ensure you are able to attend the event before completing purchase.

Tasting Party - Halloween 2019


Oyster and mushroom tempura
Puffed pastry filled with smoked salmon cream cheese and topped with salmon caviar
pumpkin croquette


Mixed greens with heirloom tomato, pears, roasted beets, and buratta cheese dressed with yuzu soy vinaigrette


Kabocha, ricotta cheese, and egg yolk ravioli atop Okamoto curry with coconut milk. Choice of grilled shrimp and scallops or grilled ribeye steak



Tart with butterscotch custard-layered sponge cake and calvados pumpkin purée mont blanc